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University of Phoenix - Associate's, Bachelor's, Master's, & Doctoral Degrees. University of Phoenix is one of the largest online universities, and offers a multitude of online management degrees. Students attending University of Phoenix are surrounded by a well respected faculty and a dynamic curriculum that prepares students for their future careers.

Popular Programs: Global Business Management, Hospitality Management, Human Resource Management, General Management, Project Management, Retail Management, Small Business Management

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Kaplan University - Associate's, Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees. The Management courses offered at Kaplan University prepare students for a new and exciting career in business management. With numerous course offerings available, Kaplan University is a premiere online university that makes sure each student has the courses available they desire.

Popular Programs: Information Systems Management, General Management, Project Management, Risk Management, Sales Management

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Ashford University - Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees. At Ashford University, you can increase your professional standing by going back to school to obtain an business management degree online. Ashford University makes it easy to obtain your degree and it can be obtained with 33 total class credits.

Popular Programs: Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Organizational Management, Project Management, Service Management, Sports Management, Supply Chain Management

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American InterContinental University - Bachelor's, & Master's Degrees. American InterContinental University is a worldwide leader in providing high quality business management degrees to students. AIU prepares students with a market-relevant education that is unparalleled in the online university system.

Popular Programs: Healthcare Management, General Management, Operations Management, Project Management

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Everest University - Associate's, Bachelor's & Master's Degrees. Everest University offers high quality Bachelor's degree in a number of business concentrations that is offered entirely online. Everest University's business degrees are offered at affordable prices.

Popular Programs: Accounting, Business Administration

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Rasmussen College - Associate's & Bachelor's Degrees. Rasmussen College offers affordable, business management degrees that will lead students to new careers in high-paying, high-growth industries. Students going back to school at Rasmussen receive exceptional treatment from faculty and staff around the clock.

Popular Programs: General Management, Human Resource Management, Information Technology Management, Internet Marketing Management, Marketing & Sales Management

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Virginia College - Associate's & Bachelor's Degrees. Students graduating from Virginia College with a degree in business management can go on and work for almost any company in the world and become a professional leader there. With affordable degree plans available and classes online, students can attend Virginia College very easily.

Popular Programs: Office Management, Health Services Management, Human Resource Management, Management Information System, Network Management

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Saint Leo University - Bachelor's, Degrees. Saint Leo University offers a well respected Bachelor's degree in Business Management that is taught by professors with real world knowledge. At Saint Leo University, each student will receive the tools and resources to become engaging, successful profesisionals upon graduation.

Popular Programs: General Management, Hospitality Management, Healthcare Management, Information Security Management


Individuals with a college degree, on average, earn significantly higher weekly earnings compared to those with no degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Some of the Best Online Management Courses?

It’s hard to say just what the best online management courses are because it truly varies from person to person. One person may want to build a better understanding of how to manage large projects, while another may be more concerned with just getting the basics of leadership down to help them attain a higher [...]

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What Will I Learn in an Executive Management Course?

Want to get started moving towards a career in upper level management? One way to do so is by taking some additional business and management courses that focus on issues that are important to those at the executive level. From learning more about balancing the books, to finding out lessons on how to take initiative [...]

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What Are the Different Kinds of Courses in Management?

There are many kinds of management course out there, in fact there are numerous courses that are designed to meet the specific needs and interests of students from a wide variety of backgrounds, even those not centrally focused on business careers. Students should check with the schools in their area and online to see just [...]

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What Will I Learn in a Management Course?

Whether you’re looking for advice on building better business skills or just want to get a leg up on getting an administrative position in a non-business field, management courses can be a great asset to anyone looking to expand career options and gain some useful on-the-job training. Some management courses offer training geared towards a [...]

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